Math Greenhouse Theresa Kraus
The Mathematical Practices that go with the state standards are listed below. One of the best websites for mathematical information and ideas is:
One of the greatest changes I have seen over the years is the research and study on the mathematical mindset. The ideas that will enable students to see mathematics as an open, growth, learning subject and themselves as powerful agents in the learning process has changed some of the students attitudes. I have seen many students begin to realize that all of them can learn; mistakes can make your brain grow; and when you believe in yourself your brain acts differently. All of these statements refer to my favorite word, YET. I can't do this yet. I don't know this yet. I'm not good at this yet. It doesn't make sense yet.
Please continue to encourage your student to work hard and persevere. I know how hard the standards are, but with your help and 
encouragement I know they will succeed. I am looking forward to a great year. Thanks for all your help and support.

Mathematical Practices for the Kansas College and Career Readiness Standards are: