Computers and Technology Les Barnhart
 Technology is constantly changing and getting faster and less expensive everyday. I have been playing with computers for 27 years and still learn something new almost everyday. Right now I am learning about new computer games and VR. I have just started this new adventure and will continue to figure it out.

The new year has come and the third nine weeks is upon us. The 8th grade students will now start working on computer technology. We have to do some typing to help everyone improve their skill and accuracy. Once typing review is complete, we can dive into learning about all of the new technology. 

One of the new items I have been working with is Nvme PCIe which is the new hard drive for computers. It is very different than the past drives because it is a chip that has no moving parts. Here are some disk tests that show new vs old.
Here is the speed of a Samsung 980 Pro 1TB Nvme hard drive
Aurora r12 Nvme

Here is the speed of a traditional 7200rpm 1TB hard drive
Standard HD

You can see the new tech blows the old tech away.

The above tests are from the following computer

Alienware Aurora R12 Gaming
Intel i7 Gen 11 8 physical cores 16 logical cores
64GB RAM Kingston Renegade RBG DDR4 UDimm (2x32GB) 3200Mhz
Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070
1TB Samsung 980 Pro
1TB Western Digital HD
Aurora r12
If you haven't checked out our Cisco Meraki network, you should come on over and give it a try. We have new switches and wireless access points that take advantage of the new network technology. Our guest network is an isolated network which allows you to be on the Internet and no one can access your device.

Below is the link to our student led conference template. I had to find a place to put it on the web.